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As we all know traveling is enjoyable when your bag is light. That is why I have collected here some of my favorite travel size products. I usually like to pack everything in my hand luggage just in case my suitcase gets lost. So far I have been lucky but you never know.

These are the new products I found. Cute package I have to say. The shampoo and the conditioner leave your hair perfectly smooth. Moroccainoil is the best leave in conditioner I have ever tried.

These are also quite new products. It is hard to find travel size facial soap that would clean your make-up and wash the face. So far this is the best I have found.

Chanel Eau Tendre and Dior Rose Bow nail polish. Do I need to say more?

Last but not the least. Shower gel and body lotion from the Body Shop.

I could not wait until the next trip. I know lots of people hate packing but I really like it, especially when it comes to cosmetics. 

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One of the cutest ways to live in Amsterdam are the houseboats. I was very happy when we managed to spot one boat that you could actually visit. Tickets will cost you approximately 3€.  Athough I saw many boats I was surprised that there are 2 200 boats over 7000 people living in those. Nowadays this specific boat is only for show meaning that nobody lives there anymore. However, from the inside it was left as it was back in the days. 

The boat consists of living room, bedroom and kitchen. The boat's ceilings are very low except in the living room. We were told that it was like this because before the Dutch people tended to be smaller. I had to be really careful with my head and I am around 170 cm. 

If you wonder whether or not you can sail with these, the answer is no.They are attached to the pluming network. It means they get water and gas like any other house. 
I was curious about the price of these particular boats, because they are not longer built. The only option to live in these boats is to buy an old one. The prices are around 519 000 - 198 000€. 
The best part of the boat was definitely the small terrace. Some of the boats had a small garden in the deck and a lots of flowers. It would be quite exotic to live like this!

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Amsterdam, the capital located in north-western Europe somehow manages to have it all. I could have just sat on the bench on the bridge looking at boats passing and people walking. So interesting looking all over.

I heard it rains a lot in Amsterdam but we were probably just extremely lucky because it was all sunny every day. Locals say that when the sun comes out the city comes to life.

We walked along the Amstel river and crossed probably at least 1000 bridges. There are over hundred channels with the length of over 200 kilometers. The architecture of the city is beautiful and the facades are very narrow that it is impossible to walk between the houses. It would be impossible to get a big sofa to the top floor. This is why every building has a hook on the roof and the citizens move their furniture through the window.

During our trip we stayed at Die Port Van Cleve Hotel. The location was perfect, right in the heart of the city. Good service and quality for a reasonable price.

Amsterdam is small enough to experience by foot. Take a long walk around the city, it is beautiful. 

Enjoy the cityscape!

If you are on a tight budget but still want to see the city from the nights go to the Southern Church. You will get a student discount whereas in the Oude Kerk you will have to pay full price. The sights are almost the same.

Choose one of the canal boats and explore Amsterdam from the waterfront.

Amsterdam has more than 1250 bridges. Our favorite two are Magere Burg and Blauwburg. Magere is very simple and Blauwburg has been decorated well and it is one of the fanciest bridges in the city.

Magere bridge


I bet Amsterdam will also steal your heart, like it did mine.