maanantai 24. kesäkuuta 2013


I love make up. I also love organizing it.  Hands up everybody who has a make up bag for small and long trips. Yes, my hand was up. I tend to travel light when it comes to cosmetics. Here is my make up pouch, which will travel with me in a month to the next destination.

Two Dior essentials: Lip Maximizer and Color Lip Balm

It is not difficult to guess my favorite brand. As much as I like selective cosmetics, there are also some treasures from H&M, which are as good as similar products from more expensive shelves. 

These products I take with me for long trips. This summer's best bargain has definitely been the cosmetic pouch from Tory Burch.

The pink gang. 

Only couple more weeks and this cosmetic lover is on  its way to investigate new shelves.

keskiviikko 19. kesäkuuta 2013


“One of the very best things about life is the way we must regularly stop whatever it is we are doing and devote our attention to eating”. 

― Luciano Pavarotti

London is one of the most expensive cities to dine out in Europe. It may not seem as expensive as Oslo where you pay $9.83  for a Starbucks coffee.
If you’re new to the city and feeling stretched for cash, don’t worry, we are here to help you find the most reasonable priced restaurants and cafés.


Going for a fika is not traditional English thing, but Swedish! Fika basically means “To have a coffee or tea and a cake”. The best place that I know to Fika in London is Bageriet, the Swedish bakery, located on Rose Street, right in the heart of the city. Since Sweden has an incredible reputation for quality and highly developed culture for baked goods, make sure you try their tasty cinnamon rolls (Kanelbullar) and Vanilla Buns filled with cream custard. You can also find there Prinsesstårta, Sweden's national cake, made of sponge with custard, raspberry compote and whipped cream.
The cafe is very calm and light, with a typical Scandinavian ambience and a concept of “keeping it simple”, it’s a lovely place to spend a lazy afternoon. Return often.


Fancy a Pizza, dessert, coffee, movie and some popcorn!?
If you can’t stand too much of a good thing, then do not come for dinner to Rossopomodoro!

Mondays really are horrible aren’t they? Couple of moths ago together with my Australian friend we decided to introduce       a treat monday into our life. We both lived in Clapham Junction, so we often hang out in Chelsea after work. One day while walking on Fulham Road we discovered a placed called Rossopomodoro, and because it was the only place in the neighborhood that wasn’t death quiet we decided to pop in. The restaurant is much more homey and relaxed. You can watch your pizza being prepared and smell the aroma of freshly brewed coffee. The Monday night deal looks like this: you need to order a main course or even one pizza just to share with your friend and a drink. Once you finish you will get free dessert and a coffee, plus you can go and watch a movie upstairs in the restaurant and they will treat you with popcorn. Rosopomodoro is as much to dine on the magic Italian atmosphere as the food. Remember to book your table in advance. The cinema pomodoro night starts at about 8.30 pm every Monday. All movies are shown in Italian but with English subtitles.


None of my friends who came to visit me in London was dying for Fish and chips, even though it’s like going to Poland and not trying Pierogi Ruskie! I'm not much of a Fish and chips kind of gal, but trust me if you want a “Traditional Fish and chip experience” you must visit The Pantechnicon Rooms, located on Motcomb Street, in the heart of Belgravia, close to London Victoria. I went there for lunch with my work colleagues. The chips were crispy, fresh and delicious, and the fish was lovely. On that day I drank red wine but the place is known not only for its wonderful tradicional English food but also delicious cocktails. I must say that prices are higher than average, but the perfect Fish and chips will make you come back for more.