maanantai 10. kesäkuuta 2013


We are almost ready to publish our very first article. It is safe to say that we couldn't be more excited to start. The blog is about travel, sharing our best advice, secret places and experiences we have come across while traveling through different places. The purpose of this blog is to write the real experience. This means we will only write about the places we have been to, whether the place was a dream come true or the worst nightmare ever.

We both love traveling and to be more precise, we love writing about it, sharing is caring, like they say. We hope you will find good tips on our blog for your next destination. The world is full of beautiful places to be discovered by you and we promise to help you to find them.
We would like to welcome you to join, to read and enjoy with us.

Happy Travels!

Aleksandra Lefek
Nina Lindeman

Lef & Lind

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