torstai 25. heinäkuuta 2013


One of the cutest ways to live in Amsterdam are the houseboats. I was very happy when we managed to spot one boat that you could actually visit. Tickets will cost you approximately 3€.  Athough I saw many boats I was surprised that there are 2 200 boats over 7000 people living in those. Nowadays this specific boat is only for show meaning that nobody lives there anymore. However, from the inside it was left as it was back in the days. 

The boat consists of living room, bedroom and kitchen. The boat's ceilings are very low except in the living room. We were told that it was like this because before the Dutch people tended to be smaller. I had to be really careful with my head and I am around 170 cm. 

If you wonder whether or not you can sail with these, the answer is no.They are attached to the pluming network. It means they get water and gas like any other house. 
I was curious about the price of these particular boats, because they are not longer built. The only option to live in these boats is to buy an old one. The prices are around 519 000 - 198 000€. 
The best part of the boat was definitely the small terrace. Some of the boats had a small garden in the deck and a lots of flowers. It would be quite exotic to live like this!

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